Monday, November 14, 2011

A Blast From the Past

Actually, it’s more like 11 blasts from the past.

You see, last week, I sent off the first 11 books I ever wrote to Amazon to be digitized and put up on Kindle.

An interesting exercise. First of all, I had to find copies of the books. Yes, I had them all, but gathering them took a little digging. After all, the first book I published will be (gulp!) 20 years old this coming February.

That done, I turned to a project my agent asked me to complete. Send her a list of all the books and include:

Author’s Name on Cover
Comparable Authors
A Blurb About Each Book

And again, it sounds easy, but it definitely wasn’t. A blurb about each book? After all these years, I didn’t even remember character names, much less what each book was about. I skimmed, I read, I even looked up reviews online. Some of the stories floated back at me through the mist. Others, I barely remember at all.

That project done, I turned to covers. Choose a template, choose a color, choose an image.


The books–eight historical romances and three young adult horror--are going to be part of Amazon’s White Glove Program, and I’m eager to finally see them available.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll even get a chance to read them. I wonder what surprises await me!

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