Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's a Book Launch Without a Party?

Even though the new Pepper Martin mystery, "Wild, Wild Death," has been out for about a month, I've been biding my time with a book launch. With Valentine's Day right around the corner and poor Pepper's love life in its usual state of chaos, I figure this is the perfect time.
Join me! This Saturday, February 11, from 12-5 at:
Something Different Gallery
1899 West 25th Street
You'll get a chance to meet the nicest people in Cleveland and take a look around their stunning art gallery. Of course, I'll be there signing copies of "Wild, Wild Death" along with the other seven books in the Pepper Martin series and "Button Holed," the first of my Button Box mysteries. Have a glass of wine, pull up a chair, and we'll talk books.
If you can't make it to the event and you'd like a signed copy of any of the books, call:
The gallery will not only ship, but gift wrap.
See you there!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today . . .

OK, so not exactly 20 years. Not today, anyway.
Actually, it was 20 years in January since I published my first book.
Just writing that makes me sit back and think, "Wow." Like all anniversaries, for me, this is a time of reflection. What have I done in 20 years? Well, it goes something like this:
I’ve written and published
10 historical romances
4 contemporary single-title romances
4 category romances
7 YA novels
1 children’s book
5 Cooking Class mysteries
8 Pepper Martin mysteries
1 Button Box mystery
Whew! No wonder I’m so tired most of the time!
Which doesn’t mean I’m ready to slow down. The next Button Box mystery ("Hot Button") will be out in June and Pepper Martin #9 ("Supernatural Born Killers") will be a September release. I’m currently working on "Panic Button" and as I mentioned a while back, I’ve got a new series starting soon. I also have news about another sale that I’ll talk about once all the details are hammered out.
Publishing today looks nothing like publishing 20 years ago. Then, we never dreamed of e-rights or e-books or the kind of self-publishing that’s so common now. But one thing remains the same: telling stories. And hey, getting paid for it!
All in all, it’s a pretty darned good way to make a living.