Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Sale Today!

It's Tuesday, September 6, and "Button Holed" is officially on sale.

Here's what one reviewer has to say:

Button Holed is absorbing, clever, crisp and finally not another contrived mystery with crafts tossed in as a diversion.

Brava Logan for creating a protagonist who is authentic, bright, enthralling, fun, innovative, and strong – it has been a long time coming for an amateur sleuth to pull off so many empowering attributes and you did it in style! Stand back and watch the copycats swoop down on Logan’s imaginative series, but always remember she is the groundbreaking pioneer in this genre.


  1. Reading right now! I like Josie just as much as I like Pepper! Can't decide about Kaz and Nevin, though.

  2. Also -- I went over to Ebay and ran a search for "Antique Buttons" -- and there are 112 pages of them. Some of them are absolutely beautiful. If I didn't already have so many collections going, I'd be tempted to start collecting these.

  3. Been trying to respond to your posts, Plano, and the gods of cyberspace are not cooperating! Let's hope it works this time!

    Yeah, lots of beautiful buttons out there. My advice it to spend a lot of time looking before you start buying and decide what you'd like to specialize in. That's one way to keep from getting overwhelmed.

    As far as Kaz and Nevin . . . you never know what might happen! I never intended Kaz to be quite so important to the story, but he wormed his way into my heart. I know just how Josie feels!