Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Got Witches?

I do!

In fact, I’ve got four witches in my newest ebook release, "Touched by Magic." The paperback was published . . . oh, about a million years ago by the fine folks at Kensington and the ebook is now available exclusively for Kindle.

It’s another historical romance, this one set in the wild mountains of Wales where Gowan, the earl of Welshpool, travels to claim his inheritence and escape his creditors. He doesn’t figure on running into three inept witches, or their niece, Nicolette Rhys, who has real magical powers.

Sparks fly, suspicions flare and a pair of mismatched lovers must discover whether their feelings are the result of sorcery–or the magic of true love.

You can purchase you copy of "Touched By Magic" right by copying and pasting this link:

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