Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Malice Domestic, 2012

Malice Domestic, 2012

Just back from the Malice Domestic conference in Bethesda, Maryland, and thought I'd share some of the highlights.  Great conference, and if you're a mystery lover, you might want to consider attending.  Lots of fun, and a great chance to interact with authors.  I'm always grateful to see so many old friends and to make new friends, too.  After we left Maryland, we drove to the fabulous, fabulous Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA.  Too wonderful for words!

Because "Wild, Wild Death," my latest Pepper Martin mystery, includes a trip to New Mexico, I was invited to be on a Western mystery panel with Greg Lilly, Rob Kresge, Anne Hillerman (Tony's daughter) and our moderator, Linda Rodriguez.  Great panel, great audience.

An of the highlights of the Malice Domestic conference, mystery great, Elizabeth Peters.  She's as charming, as funny and as intelligent as her books, both as EP and as Barbara Michaels.

The wonderful Festival of Mystery sponsored by Mystery Lovers bookstore in Oakmont, PA.  How often do you arrive at a signing to find a line?  And better still, when the readers in line saw us park the car, they yelled "Authors!" and cheered.  Oh, how I love readers!

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